Forgive A Lot A Lot

Forgive A Lot A Lot

My husband, Jeff and I were invited to share a word of advice during a wedding this weekend. Below is the “script” we created and I thought it might be worth sharing. My words are bold, Jeff’s are in italics.


After 20 years of marriage, our advice to you, Bride & Groom, is this: FORGIVE each other a lot.

A Lot A Lot.


Because during 20 years of marriage things will break down:







Did we say cars?




And when things break down it will create anger, frustration, bitterness, distance and despair. 

And you might get mad too, Groom!

You will say things you don’t mean to say.

You will do things you don’t mean to do.

And that’s when the golden opportunity arises:

You get to forgive each other!

Every time you chose to forgive it strengthens the power of LOVE in your marriage.

It takes the aches and mistakes and makes them the beauty of the story God is writing through you as husband and wife.

So forgive each other A Lot A Lot.

Yes, forgive each other A Lot A Lot.


May this short poem below echo our advice today as you enjoy the lovely gift of marriage for decades to come:

So how can a story be lovely if it’s so full of mistakes?  Forgiveness.

And how can you really love him if your heart is full of aches? Forgiveness.

And how does your mouth speak kindly, when your anger won’t let it?  Forgiveness.

And how do you serve her, when she just doesn’t get it? Forgiveness.

And how will you hang on when you’re at the end of your rope? Forgiveness.

And how do you go on when you’ve lost all hope? Forgiveness.

And how will you move through those places of pain? Forgiveness.

And how will you see the mess become marvelous again? Forgiveness.

It seems kinda simple. But it’s the GOSPEL that we’ve got:

Love is most powerful when you forgive A LOT A LOT.


by Heidi and Jeff Connors