Giving God the Glory as Time for Tots Concludes Ministry

Giving God the Glory as Time for Tots Concludes Ministry

For forty years, Jesus’ persistent love was evident at Time for Tots Preschool in Minneapolis’ Phillips neighborhood. One little boy’s story illustrates this well.

A behavioral challenge from the start, he came to school only sporadically and rarely on time. Thankfully, his mom eventually saw the importance of regular, prompt attendance, and a firm behavior plan helped him as well. With much grace from staff, volunteers, parents and classmates, he finally completed the year on a good note.

The boy came back for a second year, as he was not yet ready for kindergarten, But then sadly, the old habits resumed. Teacher/director Lin Peterson Barrett persevered with ongoing conferencing — and after many starts and stops, at last he began coming daily again. By year’s end, he had fewer behavioral issues and had experienced academic success. “We had almost reached the end of our patience,” said teacher Lin, “but God never gave up!”

This past year, our board entered a time of discernment. Lin’s retirement was approaching, and with demographic shifts in Phillips, our students were now mostly middle-class. Indigent families we had known had moved to North Minneapolis for cheaper rents. While the school had previously filled a critical niche, we made the difficult decision that it was time to conclude the ministry.

Now we thank the Lord for all his work in hundreds of students’ lives! He provided wonderful teacher/directors in Lillian Carlson, Betsy Waltz, Linda Haugen, and Lin Peterson Barrett. He gave us dedicated aides, volunteers, and board members.

He blessed financially through Hope Church, Prairie Community Church, Faith Church, individual donors, and students’ families. All glory to God!

Reception to celebrate Time for Tots:

Sunday, June 10

10:30 am in the Link

by Kirsten Berry, for the Time for Tots Board: Lois Swanson, David Ekerholm, Brenda Ford, Peggy Turnbull, Lin Peterson Barrett (teacher/director), and Pastor Bruce Hillyer (pastoral liaison)