Hope Shores Mission Field

Hope Shores Mission Field

Yonathan and I are so excited to be the new Camp Co-Directors of Hope Shores Bible Camp and Retreat Center. It is with great honor and even greater humility that we step into this position. We are thrilled to share with you a small piece of our heart for this ministry.


Camp has meant a lot to me (Megan) for a long time. I met Jesus there; I grew in Jesus there; I’ve worshipped Jesus there; I’ve served Jesus there. The many summers that I have spent at Hope Shores have been incredibly formative to my faith. My experiences there are some of the most important and influential moments in my walk with the Lord. Camp has been a constant in my life, something I always came back to, a place I’ve always found peace, and a place I’ve always felt home.


The type of ministry that happens at camp is transformational and long-lasting. It’s personal and intentional and you can see God working at every turn. Yon was privileged to witness this first hand as he spent his first summer at Hope Shores this year. It didn’t take long for him to realize how special Hope Shores is and how God is moving through the ministry that happens there. Right away, he knew he wanted to be a part of it.


As a couple, we have always felt called to ministry, and specifically missions. We met doing missions in Costa Rica, Yon’s family has a long history of pastoring and evangelism, and we have been on several mission trips together. Doing ministry together has been something we’ve pursued since the moment we became a couple. We’ve often found ourselves wondering and praying, “Lord, what do you have for us? What is it that you want us to do?” We sensed that we would one day be engaged in full-time ministry together, but weren’t sure exactly what that would look like. The Lord has now led us to this place of leading the camping ministry here at Hope Church, and it couldn’t be a more perfect place, a more perfect fit, the perfect God-ordained mission for us together.


Hope Shores is a mission field. Every summer, hundreds of campers come to camp in search of peace, in search of hope, in search of Jesus, in search of only-God-knows-what. And every year, these campers leave with even more than what they were searching for. It’s a place where hearts are won, faith is formed, and hope is restored. Our mission for camp is simple. We want to see campers coming to know Jesus. We want to see campers learning about Jesus and growing in Jesus. We want to see campers celebrating each other and becoming stronger as the body of Christ. We want to see hearts won for the sake of the Kingdom.


We believe that camp shouldn’t only be a summer highlight but a launching pad toward reflecting Christ in every opportunity He presents before us. We want to teach campers how to be disciples of Jesus. Wherever one is at in his or her faith journey, we want to provide an experience that allows campers of all ages and stages to experience and grow in Jesus. As campers and staff head home and into their daily lives, we want them to be equipped to continue serving the Lord and to be a picture of God’s grace and love to others. We also look forward with anticipation to see how Hope Shores can continue growing as a crossover ministry to our community. We dream of seeing campers of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures coming together to worship our Lord Jesus Christ.


And we will work toward this end as Christ strengthens us and enables us. A verse that has stood out during this process is 2 Corinthians 12:15, in which Paul writes, “I will most gladly spend and be spent for your souls.” Could this not be more true? There is no greater joy than to see others grow in Christ. There is no greater treasure than to witness firsthand God working in the lives of others, and working in yours, too, along the way. There is no greater honor than to be used by God to accomplish his purposes. We will most, most gladly spend and be spent for the ministry of Hope Shores and laboring for Christ’s Kingdom. Thank you, Jesus, and thank you Hope Church for partnering with us.

by Yonathan and Megan Moya