Jesus Loves Me… THIS I KNOW!

Jesus Loves Me… THIS I KNOW!

In Matthew Jesus tells us “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” (18:3).


Wednesday evenings at KWAM youth group and Sunday mornings at Sunday School, children are being blessed by these programs. As adult and teen leaders we gather in community with the children to share the story of God and Jesus.


We welcome the children, just as they are. They welcome us, just as we are. Hearts are assured of the Love of Jesus. And how do we know that the children are being touched? How do we know that “They get it?!”


Because, during these gatherings our church is filled with mini-theologians!


  • When the 4th grader, who can’t stop talking, proudly acts out the role of Jesus with seriousness and sincerity!
  • When the 3rd grader explains with fingers twinkling, that as you sleep your sins are washed away by the Holy Spirit sprinkling down on you so quietly that even your parents cannot see it!
  • When the kindergarten student eagerly shares her prayer request!
  • When the 2nd grader leaves her group of friends to go sit by another child who is sitting alone!
  • When they pray for each other in small group!


So, if you are ever questioning your faith . . . . If you need to be reassured of God’s love . . . . If you ever need to be accepted just as you are . . . . join us! The kids will be happy to teach you! The kids will reassure of you the reality of God. Your faith will transpose to that of a little child. You will “get it.” And you will know that indeed, Jesus loves you!


For the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.

By Krista Hong

Krista has been serving kids at KWAM for 7 years. We are so grateful for her heart for Jesus, and her compassion toward others. We welcome others to come be a visitor at KWAM some Wednesday night and see what Krista’s talking about.