Learning to Ask

Learning to Ask

“Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.” (John 16:24)

Why do I need to keep learning to ask?

As I write, I am on retreat in northern Minnesota with the men from my covenant group. Today our biblical focus is on John 16:16-24. This rich passage blessed us in countless ways. The promise that Jesus will come again. The promise that we will see him. The promise that Jesus will turn our sorrow into joy.

But we all landed on John 16:24, with Jesus’s invitation to ask. We all confessed our need to be more faithful in asking over all the spheres of our life.

Why do we neglect to ask in the simple yet deep way Jesus sets before us?

Maybe it is because we find it easier to operate out of our strength. To wake up and dive into the cares and pressures of the day. To start reading emails, sending out texts, making phone calls — whatever it is that we do in pursuit of our work and passions. Jesus is there somewhere in our consciousness. But functionally we proceed as if everything depended on our doing, rather than on our asking.

I think of a question from television host Dr. Phil: how is that working out for you? My hunch is that most of us will answer “not so well.”

I am convicted, along with my covenant group friends, to make asking the priority, the starting point in all that we do.

What is the burden in your life just now? You have no need to carry it by yourself. Turn to Jesus. Ask. Let him cover you in his mercy and strength. Do it now. And see how he makes your joy to be full!