Merry Christmas from the Greener family in South Africa

Merry Christmas from the Greener family in South Africa

Photo caption: women gathered at the YWAM training center in Burundi to receive water filtration systems and training in their use and maintenance. (Some of the 2017 Walk4Water proceeds were used for water filtration systems.)


As we look back on our work in 2017 and look forward to new projects in 2018 we are grateful and honored to be serving here on the African Continent.  This year marked our 11th year as missionaries with YWAM (Youth with a Mission) and our 10th year as a part of the Water for Life team, focusing on bringing clean water to some of the world’s most desperate communities.


The mission of YWAM is “To Know God and to make Him Known.” The mission of our Water for Life team within YWAM is To help those in need provide safe, sustainable water sources for themselves and their communities.”


In 2017 we were able to be a part of new ministry efforts in Burundi and Zambia as well as ongoing work in Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda and South Sudan. From primary schools for children who otherwise might not be educated to Bible training for local ministers, these projects are reaching the unreached with the Gospel and providing much-needed help for communities often left behind.  2017 also marks the year in which we have now seen more than 100,000 people who have gained access to water through our projects. In total this year, our ministry has worked on projects with 16 communities from 9 countries, impacting around 6,500 people. The projects included 12 rain-water harvesting systems and cisterns, 2 community wells, and more than a hundred homes fitted with water filtration systems.


None of this work would be happening without your support.  It has been an amazing journey for our family from the time we were commissioned and sent out with Christian as a 2-year old (now 14) and Ava as an infant (turning 12 in January).  Some days have been extremely difficult and others have been wonderful beyond anything we would have known to expect.  From a few small water projects we were digging by hand when we first moved to Rwanda to today having multiple projects spread across Central and Southern Africa, we know what an exceptional gift these opportunities are for us.  All of it has been labor of love and a path we are so grateful to be on as a family.


Many thanks to you and Merry Christmas!
Nick, Jen, Christian and Ava