Sharing Hearts and Home

Sharing Hearts and Home

by Nancy Walstrom and KJ Madison

Nancy and KJ served together as overnight hosts last summer when Hope Church hosted temporarily homeless families with the Families Moving Forward (FMF) program.

We will be hosting families again at Hope Church June 4-11.

As we were thinking about getting our beds ready for the overnight, a couple came into the courtyard room and just sat down. They seemed to want our company, so we abandoned the “going to bed early” idea and started talking with them.

They shared a little of their story with us. They had traveled to Minnesota from a neighboring state to apply for a health program they had heard about through a distant relative. Once here, they learned the program was for Minnesota residents only. The relative asked them to leave immediately. They got in their car and wondered what they should do since they had nowhere to stay. All hope seemed to be gone. That very day FMF called to tell them an opening was available for their family in the program. This was the confirmation they needed to stay and try to meet the residency requirement. FMF worked with them to make a plan which included finding employment, and another blessing, as the wife was offered a job.

As we prayed with them, a bonding happened between the four of us that is hard to explain. This was a simple conversation, orchestrated by God, to inspire and strengthen our faith, demonstrate His love and remind us how much he cares for each of us as individuals.

It was definitely the work of the Holy Spirit throughout their journey and through FMF that night as we both witnessed. The sacrifice of a few hours of sleep was a blessing in disguise- what an honor to meet the family and for them to share their hearts with us—go God!!

Praise God for the times we’re willing to sacrifice and for the opportunity to be a small part of His plan. May we be purposeful and lean on the Holy Spirit more to discern the simple opportunities God allows each of us. May we do better to love one another, to put others before ourselves in the name of Christ, no matter what the circumstances.