Our staff is an intersection of unique callings and experiences.


David Lenz

Lead Pastor

KC Dinardo

Associate Pastor for Faith Formation

Youth + Family Ministries

Heidi Connors

Director of Youth + Family Ministries

Julie Lewis

Minister to Young Children + Families

Michaela Pankratz

Minister to Children + Families

Josh Van Lith

Minister to Youth + Families

Richfield Young Life

Darby Voeks

Richfield Area Director

Tre Austin

Young Life Partner

Cesar Castillejos

Area Developer

Hope Preschool + School-Age Care

Betsy Waltz

Director of Preschool, Before + After School Care

Missy Cumbe

Coordinator of Preschool, Before + After School Care

Hope Shores Bible Camp + Retreat Center

Yonathan and Megan Moya

Hope Shores Bible Camp + Retreat Center Co-Directors


Hilary Ritchie

Minister for Worship & the Arts

Chloe Johnson

Director of Choral Activities and Worship Ministry Associate

Cesar Castillejos

Minister for Preaching and Presence

Adult Ministry

Gloria Wiese

Minister for Discipleship


Peggy Turnbull

Director of Missions

Heidi Johnson

Director of Vine + Branches Clothing Center

Administrative and Financial Staff

Keith Koenig

Director of Facilities and Administration

612-866-4055, ext 3115

Kim Laufenburger

Executive Minister

Leslee Day

Senior Ministry Associate

612/866-4055, ext. 3131

Cindy Forsgren

Administrative Assistant for Facilities and Administration


Susan Lam

Bookkeeper and Financial Reporting Associate

612/866-4055, ext. 3118