Why Triad/Quad Groups?

Why Triad/Quad Groups?

For many years, churches assumed that the one-on-one model was the paradigm to disciple people. The problem has been that very few Christians see themselves as qualified to disciple anyone. But in the last few years, a growing number of churches are embracing a new paradigm: short-term triad/quad groups. “Just by adding a third person,” writes Greg Ogden, “it’s as if the Holy Spirit is present to us in a way that is life-giving and transforming and lays the foundation for multiplication.”


Wonder why? Let’s think through this together.


Instead of one person passing on their extensive spiritual knowledge to one with less spiritual knowledge, triad/quads create a side-by-side, mutual team-approach to discipleship. Rather than a one-on-one ping-pong dialogue, triad/quads bring a dynamic interchange because of the synergy of multiple spiritual gifts! FUN.


We’re living in a world in which trust has plummeted. Triad/quad groups provide wisdom and safety in numbers (Proverbs 15:22). It’s up to us to provide a safe environment for sharing. Triad/quad groups offer safe spaces to cross generational boundaries as we graciously support one another through the stages of life. NICE.


Most of us want to invite a friend to join us in a topical Bible study—but not for years on end. The beauty of short-term triad/quad groups is that people can choose to stay in the same group for another study or move on to another group to meet more people! Our lives run in seasons. Without on and off ramps, there’s bound to be frustration. Four-week studies allow people the freedom to embrace the natural rhythms of life with grace—and without any unspoken weirdness. WHEW.


I hope you’ll consider joining a triad/quad. You’ll find that these short-term groups are just one of many fun, safe, non-weird ways to get connected at Hope!


by Gloria Wiese