Wonder Woman Goes to Church

Wonder Woman Goes to Church


“You’re not ready,” Diana’s Mom said to her. Everywhere she went, people told her: “No, you cannot enter the war room.” “No, you can’t fight Ares.” “No, you can’t carry your sword on the street.” Amazingly, it was “no” that provoked Diana to embrace her mission and be who she was created to be.

Women aren’t asking for the moon; they barely ask for help. Their request is stunningly simple: can women’s gatherings transform into training grounds for bravery?

Not all women are mothers. Not all of them have husbands. Not all paint their nails. Their lives do not revolve around centerpieces — it’s centered on Jesus. Their mission is to recognize his voice, rest in his presence, and love well.

Women are brave. They aspire to reach beyond typical womanhood topics and fill-in-the-blank studies. They want thought-provoking conversations that respect their intellect and challenge their spirituality. Esther, Ruth, Mary and Martha are great examples, but listening to DVDs about them won’t cut it. Women want to dive into Romans and take on lively discussions about the issues of our day.

Women long to hear the prophetesses in the church. They want to hear from the real wonder women sitting next to them in the pew. Like their lady comic book counterpart, they take life’s blows and still manage to fight the good fight of faith with grace and mercy. Women marvel at deep wells that inspire them to lean on supernatural strength.

Women know that no matter where they’re from or where they hope to go, they are stronger, braver, and at times, even fearless, when they roll in a group — like Jesus’™ disciples. When his disciples came together, Jesus didn’t call them a “ministry” — he trained them to do ministry. Big difference.

Women are ready. Will you say, “no”?

by Gloria Wiese